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The Perfect Loft and How to Get It


It's seems strange to think that the loft space in a building used to be seen as somewhere you would put bits and pieces that you 'might need one day', or those things that you didn't want to throw away but were not quite sure what else to do with.

Hang on, does this sound like your loft? If it does, let's face it, you're not alone. The fact is that so many of us still neglect the wonderful potential of the 'room at the top'.

Build up

It's really not that long ago that utilising loft space was fairly impractical. Modern methods of heating and insulation now allow us to open up roof spaces, not only adding valuable extra room but often giving access to remarkable and unexpected views too.

The reasons behind deciding on a loft conversation can be as varied as adding an extra bedroom for a growing family or adapting to a 'work from home' regime that many of us have taken advantage of recently.

Bespoke matters

When they first became popular loft conversions often involved not much more than adding a dormer 'box' to the back of the roof and cutting a couple of skylights in at the front. The sad thing is that even today some contractors don't really do much more than this, taking a conveyor-belt approach following a similar template for every job, simply because it saves them money on both materials and time.

We do things very differently.

We offer a totally bespoke service from start to finish. We listen to our clients to find out exactly what they want and then we work out how to make that vision a reality. We take the time to plan, design, source the right materials and of course make sure all the necessary building control, building regulations and planning permissions are in place.

Design choices

Whether it's choosing a new staircase that fits in with existing ones, creating a space that utilises light to best advantage or optimising the loft for a specific use, these are all aspects that can only be achieved by working closely with you to find out exactly what you want.

One of the biggest worries some people have is thinking about how disruptive the work will actually be. We make sure that everyone on our team remembers they are guests on your property and that everything is done as quietly as possible and with minimal impact to the day to day lives of you and your family.

Find out more about how we do things and let us make your perfect dream loft become a reality.