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How Much Value Does Building Work Add To Property

How Much Value Does Building Work Add To Property

When you look at what kind of improvements or renovations you'd like to make to a property there are really only two limitations on what can be achieved - imagination and budget.

when it comes to creating a mental picture of desired results there is probably no limit in terms of actual construction capabilities. Of course in the real world things like planning permissions and buildings regulations come into play and they are things we are used to dealing with day in and day out.

As for budgets, there are usually two considerations. the first is how much something will realistically cost to get done to the required spec. The second is how much value will the work add to the overall worth of the property.

Cost and gain

The fact is that almost any improvement work will increase the potential sale value of a building, as long as it is done to professional standards and adheres to all the relevant legal requirements.

Whether you might be thinking of renovating a somewhat neglected of even dilapidated property, creating a new build on a plot of land or extending in a loft, basement or side return, virtually any work of this kind can add more to the expected sale value than the outlay for the work itself costs.

Doing sums

Of course it is impossible to put an exact figure on a generalised example, although research by Nationwide has shown some guidelines that give a idea of what can be expected.

When it comes to improvements to an average three bedroom house, the survey revealed that an extension creating a double bedroom and en-suite could add as much as 23% in value. Adding an extra bathroom could result in a gain of 6% and an additional double bedroom 12%.

Of course variables such as location, type of property and current market conditions will all have an impact, so it's important to talk to someone who can give you good advice before doing your calculations.

Good work

The standard and quality of the work is also key. Making sure an extension matches the architectural style of the existing house can be vital, as are any considerations as to how the work will affect the overall layout of the building.

Our experience allows us to advise you on all aspects of your ideas and plans, giving you a clear and honest insight into exactly what can be achieved, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

From high end luxury homes to large commercial and institutional projects, our work covers all the bases. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you add the most value to your property in the most straightforward way.