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Extensions and Conversions - Expand Your Horizons without Leaving Home

Extensions and Conversions - Expand Your Horizons without Leaving Home

The most recent trend in TV property shows revolves around home improvements rather that moving to a new property. The legendary 'Phil and Kirsty' have 'Love It or List It?' and our own favourite Sarah Beeny has 'Renovate don't Relocate', which we were immensely proud to be a part of last year.

As well as showing that it's often quite straightforward to create the home of your dreams in the one that you're already living in, shows like these highlight another really important issue when it comes to extensions and conversions.


Making a TV show is all about timing, as we found out when we were asked to work alongside Sarah Beeny on a featured property in Croydon. You can see the results here: croydon, surrey

One of the reasons they contacted us in the first place is because of our reputation for sticking solidly to deadlines and agreed timetables. When you've got a full television production crew turning up expecting to see certain stages of work both in progress and at various levels of completion they need to be sure everyone is 'on message'.

We found this an easy way to work, as it's how we approach everything we do!

When one of our clients wants to be able to use their new loft space by a certain date we make sure things get done on time. Expecting an addition to the family, preparing a space to work from home or any number of any other reasons might mean that you need to be confident a project will be completed on time.

TV Stars

It might be hard to imagine in these days of 'reality TV' but not everyone wants to be a celebrity. We loved being involved in 'Renovate don't Relocate' and we've got another exciting TV project lined up for the next few months. However, what we want to feature is the quality of the work we do - we're not interested in being famous faces.

That's because for us our clients always come first. It's your property that we're working on, and we are always honoured to be chosen to come to your homes and create the spaces that you desire.

We never forget that we're guests in your home, we're not the stars of the show, you are. We're the 'production team' that works behind the scenes to get everything done, on time, on budget and looking great.


When it comes to expanding horizons you don't need to go anywhere, you can make your dreams come true without leaving home.

We achieve beautiful builds by providing the very best in quality when it comes to materials, design, project management and of course customer service. Attention to detail is key, which means that just like a working TV crew we ensuring Health, Safety and other relevant standards are all strictly upheld and that planning permission consents and building regulations are always adhered to in precise detail.

If you've got a dream, a rough idea or a solid plan for an extension or conversion we can help you create results in real life - get in touch and find out more.